Ticket Prices

Tickets may be purchased in advance on our website, RJCinema.com, or in person at our cinema.

Matinee Showings (movie times prior to 6:00 pm)
Adult, $7.50
Child (12 and under), $6.95
Senior (60 and older), $7.50
Military/First Responders, $7.50
** not valid on major holidays

Weekday Evening Showings (movie times 6:00 pm and later)
Adult, $9.95
Child (12 and under), $6.95
Senior (60 and older), $7.95
Military/First Responders,  $7.95
** Not valid on major holidays or holiday weekends, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, or from December 23rd through January 2nd

Friday/Saturday Evening and Holiday Showings
Adult, $10.95
Child (12 and under), $7.95
Senior (60 and older), $8.95
Military/First Responders, $8.95

3D Movies
Matinee Showings (except new releases in Holiday periods), Adults $10.50, Children (12 and under) $8.50
Evening Showings  weekdays, Adults $12.50, Children (12 and under) $9.50
Evening Showings weekends/holidays/opening week, Adults $13.50, Children (12 and under) $10.50

Discount Tuesday
All tickets for all movies, all day, are only $4.99 per person, per movie, with these exceptions:
  *  NOT valid the last two weeks of December (December 19th and 26th 2023 for example)
  *  NOT valid on 3D movies
  *  new release movies are occasionally not included, call for details
  *  Not valid when major holidays fall on a Tuesday, or the day before a major holiday (Christmas Eve on a Tuesday for example)

Date Night Wednesday - $39 Dinner-and-a-movie
SAVE with this dinner and a movie package...  2 tickets, 2 entrees, 2 drinks (soft drinks or beer/wine/cocktail).  Regularly priced at $52, this deal is so good you can't use other coupons or discounts like Valpak, Groupon or CincySavers.  Sides are not included, and "meals" (our plates that include sides) are priced at $49 plus tax total.
Movie tickets are purchased either in advance, at concession, at kiosk, at the bar, or from your server.  They are sold as 2 tickets for $12.  Then, you order order your drink and dinner from your Taproom server, your bartender or at the concession stand.  Total after discounts is $39, plus tax for entrees, $49 plus tax for meals.