RJ Rewards Club

RJ Rewards club is FREE!

Joining the RJ Rewards program is EASY!  Once you've joined, you'll earn 1 point for each dollar spent on food and drinks during your visit.  Each 50 points is worth $5 toward future food and drink purchases at RJ! 

To join, click the button below, or simply come to RJ and enjoy dinner and drinks!  

When at RJ, if you're at a cash register with a customer facing screen, you'll be prompted to join our RJ Rewards program.  Fill out the information on that screen and you're in!  Whatever credit card you use to pay your bill with will be linked to your account.  When you return for a subsequent visit, points will AUTOMATICALLY be added to your account when you pay with the same credit card.

If you've already joined, be sure to tell your server or cashier that you're a loyalty member, but you haven't visited yet, so they'll need to look you up when placing your order.  Once your order is connected to your loyalty account, and you pay with a credit card, you'll earn points for that visit, and for each visit in the future when paying with that same credit card.

You can link additional cards to your RJ Rewards account!  Simply make sure your server or cashier connects your order to your account, then when paying with a new credit card, it will also be linked and points will be earned for that visit, and all future visits when using that credit card.

RJ Rewards club is the best theater rewards program in Greater Cincinnati, especially since membership is FREE! Unlike the national chain movie theaters, there is no monthly fee to receive benefits.

IMPORTANT NOTE.  You will not earn points for movie ticket purchases.  You cannot use loyalty points to purchase tickets directly.  However, you can go to one of our food/drink order stations and pay for a "movie voucher" with your points, the staff member will take that voucher purchase (no actual card or voucher will be given) and use it to 'purchase' movie tickets for you at our box office registers.

As a member, you’ll enjoy:
• Earn points with every food/beverage purchase when using your RJ Rewards card
          1 point for every dollar spent on food/bar/soft drinks/concessions/liquor bottles
          For every 50 points earned, you can redeem $5 off any purchase
• Points never expire!

Get rewarded for your visits to RJ Cinema!