Private Theater Experience

Enjoy a movie of your choice, enjoy food & drink second to none!

RJ Cinema Distillery & Taproom has a limited number of openings to create a unique event for your group of 15 or more!  You can now rent one of our theaters for a private screening of a movie of your choice*, plus your group can enjoy our great craft beer selection, our unique custom cocktails made with our own Robert James Distillery spirits, and our awesome scratch-made menu items from our kitchen.

From 15 people to 150** (max of 80 during social distancing requirements, see note below), you can have exclusive access to a theater for your viewing. Times are limited and available on a first come, first served basis, and only groups of 15 or more will be able to hold dates. Fill out the form below to request your date and time for your group to enjoy an exclusive theater!

NOTE: This offer is subject to change based on Film Distribution company requirements placed on our theater.  Reservations made for dates beyond November 17th are subject to cancellation if film distribution companies prevent us from honoring them as new movies are released to theaters.
NOTE: Until life returns to a little closer to normal, we are CLOSED on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Up to 25 People, $100 DVD/$160 New Movie

25 or less people have exclusive access to a theater for two and a half hours.  Every other row is roped off, making social distancing easy.  Guests are asked to wear masks while not enjoying food and drink. You can watch one of the new movies that we are playing that week, or you can bring your own DVD to play on our screen. New releases are $160 for your group, a DVD that you provide is $100.

26+ People, $150 DVD/$240 New Movie

For groups of 26 and up you'll be in one of our larger theaters where social distancing can be more easily maintained.  Our 'event' theater also has a private hallway with buffet area where gifts/food/drink/candies may be stationed.  Every other row is roped off, and guests are asked to wear face coverings while standing, and seated (when not enjoying food and drink).  You can watch one of the new movies that we are playing that week, or you can bring your own DVD to play on our screen. New releases are $240 for your group, a DVD that you provide is $150.

Food Packages Available

Select from our packages below, or contact us for special arrangements.  With our full service concession stand and large scratch-made kitchen, we can accomplish any food package you are interested in!

Full Menu Available!!

If your group has a variety of tastes, but wants more than popcorn and candy, RJ Cinema offers a scratch-made kitchen to satisfy your desires!  Order your food about 15 minutes before going to your theater, or arrive early and enjoy full service in our taproom (reservations requested please)!

Pricing from $8 to $12 per meal, RJ offers incredible food at an amazing value!  Full menu available on our website

Kids Pack - $8 per person

Enjoy a small popcorn, small soft drink/ICEE, and a gummy bears snack, all in a fun puzzle filled tray!  Drinks are self-service, so refills are always free.

Teen Movie Pack - $16 per person

A large popcorn, a large soft drink/ICEE, and a boxed candy for each of your guests.  Free refills on the popcorn and drinks!

Pizza Party packages available

Hot freshly made pizza and a soft drink/ICEE.  Choose from cheese, pepperoni or sausage pizza, served sliced or squared.  Call or inquire via the form below for pricing for your group.

Hot Appetizer Assortment - $8 per person

A mix of hot appetizers from our scratch-made kitchen for your guests!  Mozzarella Sticks,  Jalapeno Poppers, Pretzel Sticks and Tony Packo's Famous Fried Pickles.  Served with several dipping sauces for a delicious starter for your group.

For adult parties, hosts can choose to open a tab at the bar for their guests or have the guest enjoy drinks on their own.

Full meal service available at concession or bar, in theater service available when ordered in advance.

Request A Private Theater for your group here:

* Your choice of movies are any of the new releases we're playing that week, or a DVD or Blu-Ray disc that you provide.
** During times of "social distancing" the max size of a group in a theater is approximately 80 people. Every other row will be blocked off, and guests are asked to wear face coverings when walking around, and when seated (while not enjoying food or drinks).