Beer Menu

RJ Cinema Eastgate offers local craft beers and popular national brands in our Distillery Taproom.  Designed to offer great variety, and to complement our kitchen menu, we hope you find your next favorite from our selections below!  

From Fifty West:

American Lager

Light Lager; This clean, refreshing take on the lager style masterfully blends Saaz hops with malt sweetness to create a crisp, thirst-quenching brew that’s perfect for drinking in the hot summer sun.

4.5% ABV; 16 IBU
Discounted on  $4 Friday!


Coast to Coast

American IPA;This American-style IPA seeks to blend the fruity and balanced attributes of an East Coast IPA with the dank, resin characteristics of the West Coast style.

6.8% ABV; 60 IBU
Discounted on $4 Friday!

Doom Pedal

Belgian White Ale; A Witbier with notes of coriander, orange peel, and black pepper.

5.5% ABV 20 IBU
Discounted on $4 Friday!

Main Street

Amber Ale; This incredibly balanced Amber Ale gets its name from Route 50, affectionately known as America’s Main Street. Think toasty malts and light, earthy hops, which blend to create this crisp, crushable beer.

5% ABV 55 IBU
Discounted on $4 Friday!


Extra Strong Bitter;

5.7% ABV
Discounted on $4 Friday!

Get Up & Go

Fruited Sour;

6.2% ABV 

Discounted on $4 Friday!

Roll With It

Hazy IPA;

6.3%% ABV
Discounted on $4 Friday!

Broke and Broke Down


8.5%% ABV
Served in a 12 oz. Snifter.

Going Plaid

Scotch Ale

8.5%% ABV
Served in a 12 oz. Snifter.

Especial Lager

Mexican Lager

4.3% ABV
Discounted on $4 Friday!

Wind in My Hair

Mexican Amber Lager.

5.4% ABV
Discounted on $4 Friday!

Backcountry Brown Porter


5.3% ABV
Discounted on $4 Friday!

Fire Engine

Red Ale;

5.0% ABV
Discounted on $4 Friday!

My Guy

Double Dry-Hopped Pale Ale

6.1% ABV
Discounted on $4 Friday!

Letters from Home

Lavender and Orange Saison.

5.5% ABV
Discounted on $4 Friday!

50W Cider

Mackintosh Apple Cider;

5.3% ABV
Discounted on $4 Friday!
Easy Street

Light Lager;

4.4% ABV

Discounted on $4 Friday!

Driving Glasses 

Elderflower Saison;

5.6% ABV
Discounted on $4 Friday!

Send It Saison

Saison/Farmhouse Ale;

4.5% ABV
Discounted on $4 Friday!

Other Craft and Domestic:

Great Lakes Christmas Ale

Winter Ale;

7.5% ABV

Ace Pineapple Cider

Pineapple Cider;

5% ABV

Ace Pear Cider

Pear Cider;

5% ABV

Bud Light

Light Lager.

4.2% ABV 6 IBU


Miller Lite

Light Lager.

4.2% ABV 10 IBU


Michelob Ultra

Light Lager.

4.2% ABV 10 IBU

Blue Moon

Belgian Wheat Ale

5.4%  ABV

Sam Adam's Winter Lager


5.8% ABV


Irish Dry Stout;

4.2% ABV


- 50W Hard Lemonade
- White Claw Mango
- White Claw Raspberry
- White Claw Black Cherry
- White Claw Lime




  • Pinot Noir (Lucky Star)
  • Red Blend (Bogle)
  • Cabernet Sauvignon (Shannon Ridge)
  • Malbec (Argento)




- Riesling (Hacienda)
- Chardonnay (Hacienda)
- Champagne (Valdo)
- Rose (La Petit Perriere)
- Sauvignon Blanc (Bogle)
- Pinot Grigio (Filadonna)
- Moscato (Perlina)