RJ Rewards Club

RJ Rewards club is FREE – no monthly credit card charges like the national chains!

To join, just click the button below and fill out the form. You'll receive a confirmation email that provides a link to see how many points you've earned (signup points for the two free tickets will be added manually within a week or so from signup). Then, just stop by the concession stand and let us know your email address that you registered with and we'll give you a physical card you can present at each visit.

RJ Rewards club is the best theater rewards program in Greater Cincinnati, especially since membership is FREE! As a member, you’ll enjoy:
• TWO FREE MOVIE TICKETS, just for signing up!*
• A FREE movie ticket for your birthday each year
• Earn points with every purchase when using your RJ Rewards card
          1 point for every dollar spent on tickets
          2 points for every dollar spent on food/bar/soft drinks/concessions/liquor bottles
          For every 100 points earned, you can redeem those points for one adult movie ticket
• FREE refills on large popcorn
• FREE refills on all soft drinks
• NO FEE when purchasing advance tickets on our website (save $1.50 per online ticket)
• Discount Tickets on Tuesdays (only RJ Rewards members are able to purchase $6 tickets on Tuesday)
• Points never expire!

Free Adult Movie ticket costs 100 points
Free Child/Senior Movie ticket costs 80 points
Free Large Popcorn costs 80 points

Get rewarded for your visits to RJ Cinema!

* Free tickets can NOT be used the day you sign up. Your email address needs to be validated and the 200 points will be added manually within two weeks of signing up.