Thanksgiving Meal

Making Thanksgiving Dinner Better and Easier!

Spend more quality time with your family, and ensure a quality meal for them at the same time!

Order your cold -packed meal bundle by November 21st, pick it up the day before, or the day of, Thanksgiving.  Follow the heating instructions (everything is fully cooked and ready to serve, some items just need heating up), serve it in your own serving dishes, or set it up as a buffet in your kitchen!

For an extra-special add-on for your group, you can add two different cocktail kits - we are a distillery after all!!  Try our Blackberry Sour Cocktail Kit or our Spicy Bloody Mary kit...  each come with a full bottle of 90 proof Robert James flavored vodka and everything you need to make approximately 16 cocktails at home!!

We make holidays easy - and tasty!