COVID-19 Operations at RJ Cinema

At RJ Cinema Distillery & Taproom, we’ve been all about quality long before we opened. Our approach to the Coronavirus crisis never wavered from our mission of quality first. We gave away over 3,000 free buckets of popcorn with drive-up pickup during the stay-at-home order. Movies at home have never been the same as watching movies on the big screen, so while we were limited to enjoying movies-at-home with family, we wanted to provide the smell and taste of freshly-popped movie theater popcorn. As we prepare to welcome guests back into our taproom and theaters once again, our first thoughts are to safety, and how we can provide that safety in the highest quality fashion possible. Below are some of the things we’ll be doing to make your visit as safe as possible.
So, when you’re ready, we’ll be ready to provide quality entertainment, food and drink to you and your family. We hope to see you again soon.
Standard Safety Procedures
These are the standard procedures we are committed to throughout each phase of reopening our Cinemas, our Distillery & our indoor/outdoor taproom.
REMAIN AT HOME IF YOU ARE SICK: All team members will be screened and have to give a verbal disclosure they are not sick and have not been in close contact with anyone experiencing signs of sickness. We ask that our customers also stay away if they have been sick, are currently feeling sick or may be starting to feel sick, or if they have been around others who are sick with flu-like symptoms.
WASH YOUR HANDS: All team members must properly and frequently wash their hands at a minimum of once every hour. Hands must be washed between each change of gloves. We advise all of our guests to frequently and thoroughly wash their hands while refraining from touching their face.
DISINFECT HIGH-CONTACT SURFACES: High-contact surfaces (door handles, counter tops, faucets, kiosks, railings, etc.) must be wiped down with a medical-grade sanitizing agent at a minimum of once every 30 minutes. We will also maintain nightly deep cleaning of all auditoriums, bathrooms and high-traffic areas. Doors will be propped open whenever possible/practical to allow for contactless entry and exit.
SAFE SOCIAL-DISTANCING: All team members and guests must practice and maintain appropriate physical distancing as recommended by the CDC and local health authorities.
WEAR PROPER PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: All employees must wear the required protective equipment and adhere to all CDC recommended standards of use of such equipment at all times. Protective equipment will be provided by RJ at no cost to team members. Note that kitchen workers will continue to wear gloves when preparing food, as always, but those around flames or hot cooking areas will NOT be wearing a mask, and those behind protective plexiglass screens may not be wearing masks so that they can communicate with guests more effectively.
FACE COVERINGS: Face masks are currently optional in common areas such as lobby, hallways and restrooms. However, we ask a simple request to all guests, please wear a mask when walking around. Face coverings may be removed when seated in our Taproom and movie theaters.

Safety Procedures
• All guests are encouraged to purchase their tickets through an app or our website in order to maintain contactless payment methods. Tickets purchased in advance online may be printed at our kiosks, or our ushers may scan the confirmation code on your phone for ticketless entry to the theaters.
• All seating will be reserved seating, and will follow all social distancing protocols. Groups (10 or less) may sit together, but our seat reservation system will not allow others to purchase seats in the row in front of or behind existing seat reservations, and will prevent the purchase of two seats on either side of previously reserved seats.
• Seats, armrests, cupholders and tray tables will be properly disinfected between every screening.
• If you are not comfortable that the seating arrangements in your theater are not providing adequate safety for you or your family, we will give full ticket-only refunds within the first 20 minutes of showtime.

Safety Procedures
• We will provide servers in our taproom and patios to allow guests to stay seated and not have to wait in lines to order. Counter ordering for food, bar and concessions will still be available if you wish.
• Safe social distancing stickers have been placed on the ground to ensure that guests are maintaining a healthy distance of at least 6-feet apart while waiting in lines.
• Kitchen food pickup will be limited to one party at a time, when arriving at pickup window, your prepared food will be retrieved and presented to you in the window.
• Kitchen food in the taproom and outdoor patios will be served to your by our crew to limit the need for guests to be walking around in the bar/lobby areas.
• Condiments will only be served upon request and will not be self-served.
• For in-theater dining and drinks, we ask that all plates and drink glasses be left at your table for our crew to collect after each showing.